Vibration Analysis and Balancing Machines

Balancing machine VM-85000 for Eurosibenergo

As part of the modernization of the automated control system for the hydroelectric units of the Zagorskaya HPSP, DIAMEX specialists upgraded the ALMAZ-7010-HES complex of units No. 2, 3, 5.

The main task of the complex put into operation is the implementation of an adaptive, to the operating mode of the hydraulic unit, vibration protection function. This function allows you to implement emergency control of the equipment condition in the condition of constantly changing operating modes of hydroelectric units, which is typical for pumped storage power plants.

The configuration of the ALMAZ-7010-HES complex implies full integration with the ACS GA, allowing you to fully automatically track the presence and type of transient. It is possible to use more than 8 different settings maps, as well as the formation of alarm conditions for a combination of several measuring parameters.

As additional functions of the newly installed complex, an automated spectral analysis is provided with the determination of the level of harmonic components and the current zone of the vibration state of the hydraulic unit.

Modernization of the vibration control complex of the Zagorskaya PSPP allows not only to significantly increase the reliability of the protection of the hydroelectric unit, but also ensures full compliance with the requirements of the guidelines (Appendix to the order of PJSC "RusHydro" dated 23.06.2016 No. 141p).


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